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Go Green: 3 Tips for a Sustainable Event

In the past few years, sustainability has become a high priority: not only does it play a vital role in our daily lives, it also affects our corporate decision-making. Consumers now make their choices from an ethical perspective: they favour companies that have a high regard for sustainability, and are wary of those that don’t.

Of course, if you choose to have ‘ecological sustainability’ and ‘environmental friendliness’ as standards for how your company operates, you will want to pull this trough in all of your business activities. This includes the events your company organizes: external meetings, dinners with partners or corporate parties.

How do you make sure that the standards of sustainability and social responsibility are met during your business events? We prepared three essential tips:


  1. Serve organic food

It seems obvious, but this is the first step to hosting a sustainable event. If you are a business looking to host your event at an external location, you want to make sure that they serve organic food. If you are an event planner or a location, you might want to make sure you have organic options.

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Choose a sustainable and environmentally friendly location

Avoid locations with little natural sunlight, like basements. Do your research and find out what effort the location makes to be sustainable. It is great that you are mindful – make sure that the choices you make go in line with your philosophy.

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You should try and avoid using plastic in your event locations. If you can’t, make sure it is sturdy and reusable. Use recycled or recyclable materials, see what your location does in this regard to support the environment.

Are you looking for a location that does all these things and goes even further?

All our cultural houses recycle, serve organic food, have spaces with natural lighting and take energy saving measures. Contact us for more information or to book a location. Give us a call (+31 20 589 16 80) to schedule a visit or contact us using our request form.


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