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GrafanaCon in Compagniehteater – Case Study


Grafana Labs is a young IT company that provides an open platform for visualizing and analyzing metrics of any kind. Grafana software allows its users to bring their data together and present it in a very visual and appealing way, no matter where the data is stored. Since the software is free, it is used basically everywhere and by everyone: from specialists in huge corporations who handle a wide array of metrics, to amateur users who use Grafana in their hobby projects.


Once a year, Grafana Labs organizes and hosts GrafanaCon – a two-day event that invites people from all over the world to talk about monitoring time-series data.


March 1-2, 2018


Compagnietheater. Kloveniersburgwal 50, Amsterdam


Grafana Labs has a very tight community, the main objective of the event was to bring people with different backgrounds, occupations, and interests together, and give them an opportunity to connect, share ideas and learn from each other.

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Challenges and solutions:

  • Since Grafana’s community is scattered all around the world, it was essential for the event to be hosted in a city conveniently located for all the participants. Amsterdam, with its multinational tech-savvy community and strong transport links to other business hubs, is a perfect location for an event like GrafanaCon. City’s vibrant cultural life and numerous entertainment possibilities helped the organizers to make a final decision regarding the location.
  • Grafana Labs tends to avoid typical hotels and conference centers and is always looking for unique venues with a fascinating history. Amerpodia’s Compagnietheater is a renovated 18th-century church. The theater, with its mesmerizing interior, is a perfect combination of old and new, classy and modern, hip and chic. Located in the city center, overviewing beautiful Amsterdam canals, Compagnietheater was a perfect spot for GrafanaCon.
  • In order to protect the event’s attendees from unpredictable Dutch weather, organizers planned the whole event, including the official program, breakfast, lunch, dinner and an after party inside the building. Cozy breakout rooms, spacious café, and foyer helped GrafanaCon attendees feel at home.
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Results: Dozens of fascinating presentations, hundreds of fruitful connections, thousands of positive emotions.

“The event went nearly flawlessly, I received amazing feedback from our attendees on the venue’s staff, on the way that conference was run, the way it looked: everything was put together really well”

– Trent White, VP,  Marketing & Design @ Grafana


Quick facts:

  • 2 days
  • 350 attendees from around the globe
  • 5 spaces in magnificent Compagnietheater
  • Full-day catering
  • Extensive AV package
  • Compliments and positive feedbacks from the attendees

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