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Reach your audience, online

From a presentation to a seminar or a round table: you can reach a wider audience online. Our Livestream Studio opens up the online world to the many wonderful spaces Amerpodia has to offer. How about the iconic bookcases of the Zuilenzaal in Felix Meritis? Or the monumental organ of the Oosterhuiszaal in Rode Hoed? With many unique backdrops to choose from, and the best audio-visual equipment, only one question remains: what will you be streaming?

Is this studio suitable for your event?

Short answer: yes. We can offer a variety of layouts. As our Livestream Studio is moveable, we can use it in all rooms and create a stage suitable for round tables, informal talks, presentations, etc., with or without a live audience. We love getting creative and finding new ways to increase engagement and impact. Let’s create an unforgettable experience together, on- and offline.