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Keizersgracht 324

Felix Meritis

  • 10 - 999 People
  • 6 Rooms

Felix Meritis, Amsterdam’s iconic Canal Palace, is undergoing an extensive renovation and will be open for your events from March 2020. Right now, the venue is set for receiving early-bird reservation requests.

The monumental building has a rich history dating back to 1777. Even prince Louis Napoléon Bonaparte, the bother of the famous Emperor, danced here with his wife Marie Louise during a glamorous ball. After the renovation, from 2020 onwards, Felix Meritis will be open again for business and cultural events of all sorts. With a mesmerizing staircase, monumental domed roof and Corinthian half-pillars, Felix Meritis is a perfect venue to host an event in style.

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Keizersgracht 324