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How to benefit from networking events

Networking is an essential part of any business industry: it is a great way to develop professionally and share your knowledge with others. In the event sector, it is all about who knows whom, and stellar networkers usually get the best deals.

The art of making professional connections that contribute to your personal growth and business development is difficult to master but it’s not impossible. We’ve put together 5 most essential tips on how to network and benefit from it.

  1. Define your goals

Think about the reasons you are attending this event. Are you looking for strategic partners? Do you want to gain visibility for yourself and your business? Is your goal to share your knowledge and help others? Or maybe you want to finally meet this particular person whom you’ve been chasing for months?

Answering this question will help you understand if this event is actually worth attending; and if it is, you will have a better understanding of where exactly you should invest your time and energy.

GrafanaCon in Compagnietheater
  1. Do your homework

Conduct some research before attending any networking event. Check the list of the attendees and keynote speakers, determine whom you’d like to talk to and why. Pick 5-10 people who can help you achieve your goals and try to get to know them. Make the first step before the event by reaching out to them via LinkedIn or any other social network. Exchange a couple of messages and try to find common grounds: this way, approaching them during the event will be much easier.

  1. Think of the topics worth talking about

If you do your homework properly, it will be easy to personalize your conversations and make right impression. Think of what you have to say: try to avoid drifting away to irrelevant matters and stick to what’s actually important. Prepare questions that will help you get to know other attendees better, hold mutually interesting conversations and remember that a smile can take you a long way.

MPI Netherlands Chapter in Rode Hoed
  1. Keep your mind open

You never know what the event might bring. It’s nice to have certain goals in mind but stay open for the opportunities that can emerge. Stand aside, gather your thoughts, gaze through the room and follow your intuition. You can be surprised of where those incidental encounters can lead you.

  1. Don’t force yourself

There are days when you are tired, not feeling well or just not in mood for socializing. It impossible to switch your charm and charisma on, like a bulb, so the best thing you can do on a day like that is to stop forcing yourself. Networking should be authentic – that is, a genuine interest in your counterpart, their interests and aspirations. Therefore, during your off-day, try to go with a flow. Maybe you will accidentally bump into an old acquaintance, or overhear an interesting conversation. Those things can turn your day around and get out of your blues. However, if nothing cheers you up, don’t force it and go home. There will be other networking events.

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There are plenty of positive things about networking: it creates opportunities, strengthens relationships and allows you to help others. Amerpodia has extensive experience in hosting networking events for professionals in different industries. We know how to create a friendly atmosphere that helps people to easily make valuable connections.

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