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COVID-19 Guidelines

Safety first

With over 650 events throughout the year, we at Amerpodia know how important health and safety are. This is why we pay close attention to government guidelines with regards to COVID-19. It is our promise to guarantee safe distances, clear routing, bespoke catering, and to safeguard hygiene at all times. Our Hygienics Host will be available to you and your guests at all times to answer any questions and to make sure everyone feels comfortable and worry-free.

What to expect

Our team of Sales & Events Managers will help you find creative new ways to shape your event, whether you are looking for an online, hybrid, or offline concept. On location, we make sure to pay extra attention to:

  1. Distance: our layouts and routing have been adjusted so that you and your guests can keep 1,5 meters distance at all times
  2. Routing: clear signage will allow you and your guests to move around in our venues safely. Custom signage is available
  3. Hygiene: hand sanitiser is available throughout all our venues
  4. Catering: adjusted to fit the current situation, without compromising on quality
  5. Communication: a Hygienics Host is present at all times, meaning that in addition to clear signage and information on paper, we offer a personal touch to make you and your guests feel safe and welcome


  • How can my guests and your staff keep 1,5 meters distance?

    With clear signage, your guests will not have any problems making their way safely through our venues. In addition to this, we can offer a ticketing service, allowing you to work with multiple starting times and time slots. Finally, a Hygienics Host will be present for all events. This person ensures that guidelines are followed, any questions are answered, and the venue is kept pristine by our cleaners.

  • Why should I consider a ticket service?

    Through our ticketing service, we can communicate different starting times to your delegates, and keep a guest list of people in our building during your event. By separating your group into two or three timeslots, we avoid queues and let your guests enter safely. Tickets are only available online and can not be sold on location. Printing is not necessary: our receptionist can scan the tickets straight from your guests’ smartphones. Our staff has been briefed on how to register and welcome your guests safely.

  • How about routing?

    All of our venues have been assessed and new routing has been established where necessary. Our signage clearly marks the directions. Signage can be custom-made to reflect your brand with logos, colours, etc. In addition to signage, our staff is always happy to help direct people in the right direction.

  • Are there any additional health & safety measures in place?

    Hand sanitiser will be made available throughout the buildings. Cleaners on site will be in close contact with our Hygienics Host to ensure the toilets are checked and sanitized frequently. Our staff will also make sure to regularly clean frequently visited spots, like bars and banisters,.

  • What is a Hygienics Host?

    A Hygienics Host will be present at all events across our four venues. The host welcomes your guests with a few questions with regards to their health, before letting them enter the building. Unfortunately, people who have symptoms cannot be allowed inside. Furthermore, the Hygienics Host ensures that health and safety guidelines are adhered to, while also functioning as a reference point for you and your guests if there are any questions. For more information, see “Are there any additional health &nsafety measures in place?”.

  • Is it possible to keep 1.5 metres distance during the event?

    As our seating is not fixed, we are able to offer a safe and spacious room layout. Our seats are positioned at 1.5 metres distance, with pathways to reach each chair. A bar or catering area is available in each of our rooms with enough space and appropriate demarcations to avoid unsafe queueing.

  • Can our guests make use of the restrooms?

    Yes, restrooms are available to you and your guests. In some cases, your group might be assigned a specific group of restrooms. Before your programme starts, our Hygienics Host will ensure that your delegates are aware of where to go. They will also make sure not too many people enter the restrooms at once. This means there might be a short waiting time.

  • Can our guests leave the venue quickly and easily at the end of the event?

    After your event ends, the Hygienics Host will oversee a phased exit. This will allow your guests to keep 1.5 metres distance easily.

Dennis Scheffers

Sales & Events manager

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