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Support our cultural programmes

Our houses together form a cultural bond. Public programmes are staged in all of our venues, with which we aim to provide people with new insights, addressing social issues. With a small donation, buying a ticket for one of our programmes or hosting a meeting, conference or dinner at our locations, you can support these programmes. All revenue that we generate from bookings is used to fund the cultural programmes.

Rode Hoed

Once a hidden church, now a safe haven for critical and curious thinkers and doers. Rode Hoed is an independent home to predecessors of societal changes.

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De Nieuwe Liefde

De Nieuwe Liefde is home to language in the broadest sense of the word. Storytellers and language artists examine both the beauty of language and speech and its social resonance. From spoken word to poetry, from language as a group identity to the evolution of word use: we explore every corner of language and speech.

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Felix Meritis

Felix Meritis is a sanctuary for curious people. A place for knowledge sharing, exciting experiments, new perspectives and smart solutions. All aiming to interpret today's complexity, looking forward to the future.

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