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Q&A with Amerpodia’s Chef Henri Musch

Our new chef Henri Musch is on the mission to bring Amerpodia to the new level of excellence. Herni and his team are happy to spoil your guests with delicious food and drinks that fit any taste: from simple and hearty lunches to experimental catering concepts.

What inspired you to come and work at Amerpodia?

– I was looking for a new environment, new challenges, and I found it here. With three different locations and dozens of different event types, something new is happening every single day. 

What are your plans here?

– My biggest plan is to develop a catering concept that unites the four buildings and, at the same time, preserves the unique personality of house. For instance, Rode Hoed and De Nieuwe Liefde don’t look alike, they attract different people and host different types of events. At the same time, they are both historical venues with rich cultural heritage, united by similar mission and vision. My goal is to bring catering at Amerpodia to a higher level, to reflect on the differences of each house, while sticking to the idea of one universal concept.

What events are your favorite to work at?

– I like all of them but 3-4 courses dinners are definitely my favorites. I like cooking whole menus – that’s where you get a chance to unleash creativity.

Dinner in Oosterhuiszaal in Rode Hoed


What is the most satisfying part of your job?

– Honestly, I love everything about it. When I’m in the kitchen, I am a different person. I’m like a fish in the water: I don’t need to think of what to do next, everything just goes naturally, it feels good. At the same time, I like the work behind the cooking: coming up with new recipes, planning the menus, determining the value of our work. I like working with my team, making schedules for them, analyzing which position suits each person best.

How do you know that you did a good job?

– Before any event, I always have an image in my head of how I want it to go. And when the reality matches that image, when everything runs smoothly, my team is having a perfect control over the situation, the guests are having a great time – then I am pleased. It means I did good, it was a good day.



What is your favorite cuisine?

– French

What is your favorite dish?

– Raw langouste

Is there a chef you admire the most?

– Joris Bijdendijk, he is a chef at RIJKS, the restaurant of Rijksmuseum. I admire his style: he gives a new life to the old recipes by mixing them with the latest food trends.

Dinner in Zuilenzaal, in Compagnietheater


Did you want to be a chef when you were a kid?

– Not really. But when I was 14, my mother was in a hospital, and my dad didn’t know how to cook. I had no other choice than to do it myself. I kind of liked it, and in two years, I started cooking professionally.

Do you have any tips on how to host a flawless event?

– Everything starts with communication. And it’s not just about talking to your closest co-workers. It involves all the departments of the organization, everyone should be on the same page. But most importantly, you should love what you do. Having fun while doing your job is definitely the key to success.

Henri Musch

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