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Hybrid Event

Connecting the online with the offline world in a Livestream Studio creates a Hybrid Event. With a physically present audience following the COVID-19 measures and an online audience watching the stream on the platform of your choice: we have the right equipment for your needs. Whether it concerns a presentation, seminar or talkshow-like event. State-of-the-art events require the latest techniques.

A Hybrid Event is possible at all three of our venues and in every room available. This leaves you to choose the best fitting backdrop for your event. Will it be the authentic bookshelves in the Zuilenzaal of Felix Meritis or would you rather choose the look and feel of the Concertzaal, with its impeccable acoustics? It is all up to you and we will provide you with the right tools.

What type of events are suitable for a Hybrid Event?

Really anything. Be it a dinner with 30 guests on site and 500 online, or a full-day congress. We make sure that the technique and catering fits your event, both for your guests at home and on site. You may even want to consider streaming from different locations throughout our venues! Concerts, talkshows, presentations or the like may require exclusive hire, which we facilitate as well. This allows us to safely organize any type of event. The only question remaining is: how creative will you be, when the world is at your feet?

Years of experience

The challenges we face with 1,5 metre distance, require more creativity. Even with the few possibilities and resources that we have today, we can still provide spheric backdrops for both off- and online events thanks to the four historic homes of Amerpodia. The combination of online and offline programmes is almost a no-brainer to us: we have been producing Hybrid Events for our cultural programmes long time before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where offline and online meet

There’s no longer a need to choose between an online or an offline event. With Hybrid Events you can do both. Thanks to our four iconic venues we have all the capacity to find the best fitting locations for any type of event. The Sales & Events Team is happy to inspire you with creative ideas and suggestions. You start with a concept and we give it a twist of Hybrid, combining physical events with an online programme. A Hybrid Event at Amerpodia includes:

  1. Livestream Studio: A streamingset worth €1500,- is included in the price. A technician will assist operating the camera’s.
  2. Room hire: Varies along the houses and rooms
  3. Hygenics Host & additional resources: Someone responsible for all the guests to follow the COVID-19 measures that apply at the time of the event. Desinfactants will be provided for throughout the homes and rooms.
  4. Catering: Food and beverages during the event, including lunch boxes or similar, depending on the measure that apply at the time of the event.
  5. Routing: We use routing in all our houses, following the advice of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. Stickers and linings can be branded with corporate identity, including the use of logos.

Examples of Hybrid Events

The sky is the limit! These events have taken place at Amerpodia

Rate per day Capacity
Hybrid Launch in Grote Zaal at De Nieuwe Liefde € 6,000 32 pax offline & unlimited online
Hybrid Company Party in Oosterhuiszaal at Rode Hoed € 7,000 45 pax offline & unlimited online
Hybrid Dinner in Grote Zaal at Compagnietheater € 8,500 72 pax offline & unlimited online
Hybrid Presentation in Zuilenzaal at Felix Meritis € 7,000 30 pax offline & unlimited online
Hybrid Concert in Shaffyzaal at Felix Meritis € 7,000 34 pax offline & unlimited online
Hybrid Webinar in Concertzaal at Felix Merits € 7,500 38 pax offline & unlimited online

This is what a Hybrid Event looks like

Make it easy with our extra services

Basic package: Watch at home

Streaming keys, embed codes, creating livestreams... Starting to get nervous? With this package we'll help you stream your content on a public platform. Starting from €500,-

Basic package: Selected Guests Only

Do you wish for a landing page, including information about the programme and the livestream as such? This package includes a dedicated landing page on our website, which allows you to invite selected guests only. Starting from €750,-

Communication package: On the Guestlist

If you wish to avoid the hassle of giving out tickets, but do need a guest list, this package is the right choice. Your guests can register on a dedicated landing page on our website and you will receive a guest list to inform them with the details. Starting from €750,-

Communication Package: Invitations

Looking for a wide audience for your livestream? This package offers the solution for anyone who has a contact list, but needs help reaching out. Included in this package are 3 social media posts on your own channel(s) and a personal invitation to your mailinglist. Starting from €1200,-

Deluxe pakket: From A to Z

Walking in on the day of your event, not having to worry about how anyone will see your livestream or who is watching at all? This package includes all the services above and an extra reminder one hour before going live. Starting from €1500

Want to know more about our COVID-19 measures?

With over 650 events year in, year out, hygiene has always been one of our top priorities. We closely follow the advice of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment at Amerpodia. This way we guarantee a safe distance, clear routing, eye for hygiene and tailored catering. Our Hygenics Hosts ensure that you and your guests feel safe and welcomed at all times.

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